Whether you are just passing by or on a quick lunch break from work, our grab-and-go eats are the perfect option! From sandwiches to salads, all of our fresh, top-quality ingredients will leave you full and content. Our array of lunch items will satisfy your entire family! 

On our 7in Hoagie, you have the options of an Italian sandwich or a Turkey and Provolone. Both are served with lettuce, tomatoes, and onion. 

The Brioche Bun is a fan favorite! The Tarragon Chicken Salad sandwich is made from a family recipe passed down from generations. Or, try the brisket smothered in bbq sauce and served with pickles and coleslaw, a mouth-watering treat.  Our unforgettable hot ham and cheddar is another crowd favorite!

Be sure to have all of your leafy greens with our salad options. Our small green salad or the large chef salad will leave you feeling healthy and refreshed. 

  • Turkey and Provolone $7.25
  • Italian $7.75
  • Tarragon Chicken Salad $6.50
  • BBQ Brisket $8.95
  • Hot Ham & Cheddar $6.50
  • Small Green Salad $6.50
  • Large Chef Salad $8.50
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