International Coffee Day



Here at Station 24 Café in Buena Vista, Colorado, we want to celebrate our love of coffee in honor of International Coffee Day. Serving exceptional coffee is the lifeblood of our retro coffee shop. Our loyal patrons appreciate its rich flavor without the bitterness. So how do we achieve this unique balance that excites your taste buds without the heartburn?


While our guests appreciate fresh pastries, breakfast burritos, sandwiches, super premium ice cream and chocolate, our coffee has earned it’s own following. Coffee is comforting, and for many, great coffee is critical to starting the day off right. Serving superior coffee is not just a good idea, it is the backbone of any successful coffee shop.


Prior to opening our doors on December 30th, 2018, we spent nearly a year researching the perfect coffee to showcase. This is a job that we did not take lightly. Knowing we needed a trusted roaster to partner with and a coffee that we were proud to serve to our customers, we sampled many different Colorado roasters. In keeping with our business strategy, the quality was essential, to produce the right balance of flavor, body, and acidity. Integrity was essential and we wanted to be sure we were supporting fair trade and shade grown farmers.


Finding exactly what we were seeking within the expert team of Colorado coffee roasters who supply us with our beans, Bryan and his team have been expertly roasting coffee since 2006. Half Brazilian, he loves the coffee business “For all the ways in which it brings together people from so many different cultures and how different and unique each country’s coffee is.”


Our expert roasters source only organic and fair-trade coffee beans whenever possible. Their beans are of single origin, meaning they can be traced back to a region in one country, and often to a single farm. Single origin coffees are known for their high level of quality and also for their inspirational stories.


In addition to carefully selecting the best South American beans, the key to great coffee is in the roasting process. Many coffee roasters try to get away with inexpensive roasting machines. However, you get what you pay for. Commercial roasters seem to range in price from a few thousand dollars to over one hundred thousand. The difference in the resulting taste is immense. Our roasters’ prized Diedrich roasting machine is closer to the top of that range…and you can certainly taste the difference. They have perfected the taste profile to produce the best flavor balance without the bitterness commonly found at most coffee shops. Bryan states, “That’s what’s so cool about roasting coffee. It’s art and science at the same time.” Once they come up with the perfect roast for each different bean, a computer system records the parameters and precisely replicates each roast.


So, come in and compare our coffee to your favorite. We are confident that you will appreciate the time and energy that goes into a perfect cup of coffee. While we are also known for our other great products, we are a coffee shop first and foremost. Station 24 Café is a family-owned, independent coffee shop amongst the tallest mountains in Colorado, with a great retro vibe. We hope you enjoy your cup with us, and that you will return for another.

-Your Friends at Station 24 Café

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